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"Age and the Bottle" SONG LYRICS-WIP

9 Apr 2010 04:15 | Quote
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Time lets me drink better.
sometimes random love letters;
letting it be can bring hate,
but to me liquid can relate.

So why can't I drink?
Maybe its time,
Honest sleep and nothing to think?
Age keeps the the bottle I drink.

It easily will inebriate
hoping someone to procreate
it keeps me alive
in my blood it strives.

Why must I drink?
No more time,
Tricking me awake and always to think.
Age keeps everything I drink.

Seldom I think of past,
living often went fast.
No more running and pacing,
end, unfortuneatly I am facing.

Down, slithers so easy; burning my senses queasy.
Vague, next day unfamilar; the experience worth a million words.

Why must I age?
A new time
I was never awake or down;
Age and a Bottle, never leaves a frown.

SO this is a song I wrote a few months ago, and it is meant to go along with an actual band. However, I didn't like their ideas, so I went with my own plan (I am still with the band, this is just a side project with myself doing every instrument on garageband). It has a nice jazzy/hip hop drums to it, funky bass, and a melodic guitar to it. The lyrics, I want sung by an acid jazz singer, preferibly a girl with a good range. I am arranging the guitar, drums, and bass for this song, and am almost done. I will have the full song up soon!

The lyrics have a literal, and liberal interpretation, and I am not old (although I am a bit of an alcoholic) so it was not taken literal from my standpoint. Hope you like it, and come up with your own interpretation. Any thoughts or criticism would be wonderful!!!

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