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Melodic Minor Just different Positions?

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26 Mar 2010 05:10 | Quote
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So the Melodic Minor scale have the same patterns as the major scale but only in different positions and starting on different root notes????
26 Mar 2010 09:35 | Quote
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the melodic minor (descending) is the notes of a major scale but you start on the 6th and end on the 6th, think of it kinda like a mode. but yes your right
26 Mar 2010 15:22 | Quote
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Like nater2 said, you can think of it as something similar to a mode, because scales are modes and Melodic Minor is a scale/mode... Basically to get the Melodic Minor ascending, you flat the 6th and 7th of the minor scale you're playing. So, A Aeolian/A Natural Minor would now include F# and G#, thus making it A Melodic Minor (Ascending). Melodic minor descending is the same as the root scale, so there is no difference.
27 Mar 2010 11:53 | Quote
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Dont you just love the crazyness of scales and modes.....

Has me baffled often, then its like a light comes on and its like 'ohhh yea'....

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