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Writing a new song, can you help?

2 Mar 2010 02:42 | Quote
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I'm trying to write a new song for my band (primarily, I'm a lead guitarist, but I can still play all parts) in the rock n roll style (any AC/DC song should give you an idea of the sort of sound I want), except I have absolutely NO experience with the rock n roll rhythm, as previously I played metal, and the 2 genres are quite different.

So can anyone help me out with rock n roll rhythm techniques, maybe strumming patterns, whatever? I don't think I'll need any help with the lead or drums (even I can nail those). And if anyone really feels like being kind and can be bothered to tab an example or something (notating rhythm, obviously =P), I'd be really really grateful.

Cheers people.
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Listen to music... modify... put your own style in... wash... repeat.

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Rock 'n Roll = Stray Cats, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley kind of style
AC/DC = Pub Rock (australia), (theres an UK hard rock which is more Punk influenced stuff) and Hard Rock style...

anyway, I think you are more to AC/DC kind Hard Rock style (Which I like very much) so I think...

Since Hard Rock style is strongly Rhythm 'n Blues Influenced like Hard Rock is, Shuffle (that cool "dand-da-dand-da") stuff is commonly used in rhythm. Hard Rock uses a Simple repeatitive riffs. Also Hits on First strong note and singing rest of the "pattern" or "measure" (soz lacking a bit terminology here XD) is largely used.

I dont know how to describe strumming in it, I use down and upstrokes with muting. You can do ofcourse it without muting or mute everything... most important is rhythmic sequence...doh well anyway

Think about a metal, where you put some "groove" on it, Little swing...l

Ofcourse there are also more straight way to use it too with basic rhythm (like AC/DC use a much) where pauses in riffs give the rhythmic function. Listen Jailbreak from AC/DC, its a good example how Angus phrase the rhythm...

Hope this helps even a bit


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