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Anybody dig Robert Randolphs playing

22 Feb 2010 22:47 | Quote
Joined: 22 Feb 2010
United States
I got his album unclassified and love every song on it. It might not be his best in songwriting but the guy can shred on the pedal guitar. For anyone who hasnt heard this guy check him out.

Does anyone know or have any suggestions on what kind of scales would work in covering songs by him...is it even possible to play his stuff since he is playing a ten string pedal guitar....Minor penatonics??? Blues???
23 Feb 2010 00:08 | Quote
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I Love that guy,he is awesome

he plays mostly in minor,like any blues player,just with 10 strings,the notes are the same
23 Feb 2010 00:37 | Quote
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I love his cover of Purple Haze.

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