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Audacity question

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20 Feb 2010 20:47 | Quote
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I can't move the input volume level on audacity when I record.

I set all my levels and it sounds good through the head phones while I'm recording but when I play the track back you can barely hear it.

I move the cursor but as soon as I release the button it returns to zero.

Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
21 Feb 2010 05:23 | Quote
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sounds strange, I think there is another setting that is at zero force input slider back to zero. Cant say which because I dont use audacity...
23 Feb 2010 04:39 | Quote
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First off when using audacity certain options are disable upon recording. Before you record do a sound test and play it back. Try and keep your amp as low as possible without any static, or "click". Depending on the level your computer volume is set at will change what it sounds like through the headphones. Regardless a sound check is required. Make sure check both louder and softer parts.

You need to go to your control panels and adjust the microphone input leval. That way it is always the same when you bring up audacity.
I had this same problem when i started using it.
Good Luck
23 Feb 2010 04:40 | Quote
Joined: 04 Dec 2009
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Also, keep your amp as low as possible, it adds for a cleaner recording.

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