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Demo EP and Making of Video!

Music and Bands
19 Dec 2009 20:53 | Quote
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Hey all, just wanted to let you guys in on a band update.
Since my Senior Project is on using the recording studio, naturally I needed to actually use one in order to make my video about how to use one(nice little thing there!) which equals, I needed a band, so i chose my band to do some songs for me to record, mix, and master for the video.
Well, we have 3 original songs with a possible jam for my video which I need to put to CD, and that cd is going to be our Demo EP, and it's free.

So, when I get the video done and edited, the cd mastered, and get around to a myspace page(already got a FB) i'm uploading the video to youtube, and the songs to the myspace page.

Wednesday is going to be so fun!

Well, take it easy guys.


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