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easy pop songs to learn

9 Dec 2009 11:14 | Quote
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can anyone recommend some popular rock songs (not 'pop' like top-40) that are

easy-ish to play
fun to play
good songs?

i want to learn more songs, but i am not that good at guitar yet. so i'm trying to find songs that i can learn that i like. for instance a good exmample would be the last song i learned was "message in a bottle" by the police. it has a pretty basic riff and some major and minor chords. nothing earth shattering, all pretty much guitar 101 stuff.

anyway yeah, recommendations, because i can't think of any, and whenever i think of a song that i like i look up the tabs and it's a little over my head for the time being (i'll get there one day i promise)

other songs i consider "easy pop. songs"
"is there a ghost?" - band of horses
"the funeral" - band of horses (slow tempo, simple riff, maj/min chords)
"float on" - modest mouse
"dramamine" - modest mouse (simple riff, power chords)
just about anything by the yeah yeah yeahs (power and open chords)
"wish you were here" - incubus (chords can be played with 2 fingers)
9 Dec 2009 11:45 | Quote
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im pretty sure World at Large by modest mouse is really easy
9 Dec 2009 12:30 | Quote
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the strokes have alot of songs with tabs that arent hard to figure out
11 Dec 2009 08:39 | Quote
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will check them out. tegan and sara "hell" is a pretty easy song, too i just learned that one the other day. it's easy and it kicks some butt.

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