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E minor and b minor

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26 Oct 2009 17:59 | Quote
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So I am playing a progression in e minor but I am adding 9ths on every chords. I noticed that all the ninths in e minor are b minor.

Is this because b minor scale is a 9th away from e minor? Basically the melody I am playing could be played ovver a b minor progression but it is the "add9" notes added onto e minor chords. Make any sense?
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God I could show someone what I mean in 5 seconds but explaining it is to damn difficult.
26 Oct 2009 22:10 | Quote
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I'm going to assume that your Emadd9 = E, G, B, F#
E minor scale is E, F#, G, A, B, C, D.

The scale of B minor is B, C#, D, E, F#, G, A

The B is not a 9th away from E minor. It's a 5th.
26 Oct 2009 23:31 | Quote
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two scales, which are the same mode(Aeolian in this case) and whose tonics are a 5th/4th apart(if E is 4th of B; B is 5th of E), the will only differ in one note(look and find out yourself, above with Jeff's post).
seeing that there is a one note difference your got a 6/7 chance of not hitting it(if playing diatonically of course), I'm going to say you got a good change of it looking like it's in the other. Will it work in both maybe, maybe not. Make it short if you think you found a trick sorry. if you just wondering why there in both it's because of the fifth

@jeff- not trying to be a puke just bored and figure I'd spell it out for him.

p.s. geetur it helps to list your progression/chords in explaining what your doing, it's not needed here but in the future to help others get on the same page faster

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