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G string subdued ?...or my hearing

4 Oct 2009 22:16 | Quote
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(that shoud be 'subdued'...my bad spelling)

I don't have a good music ear, however, I'm not deaf.

I'm curious if this is just my poor hearing or perhaps my strings.

(Accoustic guitar using fingers)

When I slide on the 'G' string from the 2nd to 4th fret I can hear it fine. However, if I pluck the high 'E' string at the same time, I can't hear the slide on the 'G' string.

Part two: A couple of times over the years I've substituted a low E or low A string for one of a different size or quality but has anyone ever substituted only one of the high strings (A,B,G) ...instead of all three? I'd like to get more 'oomph' out of that G string.

(if this posting makes no sense to you it's because you're just a pup out of diapers...but your day will come)

Any advice appreciated

4 Oct 2009 23:15 | Quote
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well i think i hears my music teacher say somthing about that you can hear treble more than bass thats why bass is so hard to hear in bands that only hit lower notes when it comes to bass

and if that doesnt wotk pluck the e string lighter and the g harder

and if that doesnt work contact your local ENT specialist
5 Oct 2009 03:39 | Quote
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Everyone's born with perfect pitch, but we all tend to lose it as we grow older. You just need to dive into the sounds more and concentrate on each sounds while others are playing at the same time. A good way to practice that is the "100 Chords Method" program, which has a free trial.

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