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ever been addicted to a compact disc

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18 Sep 2009 01:06 | Quote
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list of cd's i couldnt stop listening to for weeks
moria-no light ahead
arsonists get all the girls-the game of life
at the throne of judgment-the arcanum order
the black dahlia murder-miasma
chiodos-bone palace ballet
cradle of filth - godspeed on devils thunder
- nymphetemine
the devil wears prada- dear love a beautiful discord
- plagues
- roots above and branches below
dimmu borgir-(all of them thats alot so im not gunna type it)
exmortus-in hatreds flame
H.I.M.-(all of them thats alot so im not gunna type it)
i set my friends on fire - you cant spell slaughter without laughter
in flames- come clarity
job for a cowboy- DOOM
matt & kim- i cant remember these albums but i like em
nirvana- any thing kurt was a fuking genius
panic at the disco-a fever you cant sweat out
-pretty odd
pink floyd- all of them
red hot chilli peppers-all of them
scryer-unnecessary evils
suicide silence-the clensing
-no time to bleed
system of a down - all of them except the one called "system of a down"
it wasnt that great

any cd's you were or are addicted to ?
18 Sep 2009 06:59 | Quote
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The Ultimate Sin
Blizzard of Ozz
Diary of a Madman
Van Halen
Van Halen II
Women and Children First
Fair Warning
Megadeth(pretty much anything before their 1999-2000 release)

and then various 80's hits like:

Rick Springfield "Jessie's Girl"
Bryan Adams "Summer of 69"
Kenny Loggins "Highway to the Danger Zone"
Toto "Africa"
Styx "Come Sail Away""Mr. Roboto""The Grand Illusion""Foolin' Yourself"
The Police(about 5 songs)
and then I'm a sucker for anything blues(as long as its good).

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