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8 Sep 2009 12:35 | Quote
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United Kingdom
It's Epic, I Live In Cornwall And I Find It Really Funny, We Used To Go Round Singing There Songs In School.
8 Sep 2009 15:25 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Well then, it's time to give up scrumpy and drink Lager and lime (always assuming they do cocktails in Cornwall!)!
8 Sep 2009 18:40 | Quote
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I see a moth flying in my backyard, just got home from somewhere else. The moth flies. Instinctively it flies towards a lamp. Its dawn. Its down. I watch carelessly as the bug moves. Lame, yet magnificent. Simple, yet unpredictable. As real as it is, i cant help but try to figure it out, to be, to foretell. When i feel im about to, i snap back to reality, which i cant evade. I look for my keys in my pockets while walking to the door. I lose sight of the moth.

We people, as a world with different leaders, feelings, cultures are as inpredictable when thinking of us as a whole. You cant think of us as a whole. To say people are is misguiding. Everyone has their reasons, their motives, most importantly their unique experiences, mental state, and therefore, way of thinking.

If that music was mediocre, it would mean anyone without the least preparation could make a "hit". Which may be truth, but until now, i havent seen that. Id rather think it is made to be commercial, thanks to knowledge of what the human on its bare feels attracted the most, and what human, on an 'average', if we can afford to say average, circumstances and personality.
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