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My Music

12 Jul 2009 20:35 | Quote
Joined: 08 May 2008
United States
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Listen to some of my myspace music and tell me what you think. I apologize in advance for the sound quality. I messed up several times on some of the recordings and I was too lazy to do another recording. I don't have any heavy stuff on there yet but I'm sure I will soon enough.

12 Jul 2009 21:38 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
United Kingdom
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No offense, but that's a lame excuse... If you want people to be interested in your music and not be "too lazy" to give reviews; why don't you put the effort into your work? It means a lot to you, right? So show us :) 'cause there's no point in us giving you advice if you're saying you can do better. Give us your best, and we'll review that.

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