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writers block

28 Jun 2009 05:06 | Quote
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anyone know how to snap out of it!?!?!
28 Jun 2009 05:17 | Quote
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There are many ways to it, but its more personal than common thing that work with anybody.

Some people have it when they are tired, well we know how to cure that. Rest.

My personal solution to myself is keyword list. take large paper, write it full with single words, I prefer to write them with any sized and a chaotic order to paper that it is just huge mess of words. Then put it that on the wall (or other place you can see it easily) then try not think anything just look the paper. Sometimes it help, sometimes not.

Hope this helps even a bit
28 Jun 2009 05:29 | Quote
Joined: 24 Jun 2009
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Thanks for the advice, i think my biggest problem is trying force out creativity. been doing alot of research on this site so i can attain some what of a new sound. but i think im been to critical =/
28 Jun 2009 10:02 | Quote
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@Empirism: Roflol, thats a weird way of gettinn through.. definitely ill try that, i swear i will.

theres a lot of things you can do. you can put two clothe changes in a backpack and a sandwich also, grab 200 bucks and go off to the nearest road. Once there, stand at the side of the road, put your thumb up in signal youre asking for a ride. just travel for a while. never done that, i look up to doing it.

else you can learn other songs you like, i believe any song you learn becomes part of you and becomes a tool when youre doin somethin that requires creativity.

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