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What are modes?

22 May 2009 13:25 | Quote
Joined: 22 May 2009
So I've been playing guitar for some months now, but I keep seeing the word "modes" and stuff like that come up here, which my guitar teacher never said anything about.

My question is: What are modes? What are they used for? Why are they here? And why hasn't my teacher talked about them yet?
22 May 2009 13:33 | Quote
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good question! theres some lessons on modes on here. hopefully theyre helpful. your teacher hasnt mentioned them either because youre not advanced yet or hes a bad teacher. but since youve only been playing a short while its probably because youre not advanced enough yet
22 May 2009 13:45 | Quote
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Thank you. :) I'll check out those lessons.
22 May 2009 13:48 | Quote
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First off welcome to the site!

Check out these lessons they helped me a lot. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


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