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Pickup Change

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21 May 2009 20:39 | Quote
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Ok so i want to chage the neck pickup in my LP, so i was wondering if anyone has done this type of job before and could tell me how hard it is to do yourself, cause i really don't want to pay to have it done.
21 May 2009 20:47 | Quote
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Get the new pup.
Take off all strings.
Take off the cover of the old pickup.
Get it completely loose, but DON'T take off the wires.
See what wires go where.
Put the new on in.
Then Adjust it [height] to see what sounds good to you.
the closer to the strings the muddier and the farther away the tone gets thinner. Just see what sounds good to you.
The put all the cover and screws back in and rock dude.
21 May 2009 20:51 | Quote
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21 May 2009 21:04 | Quote
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sweet cause the stock pickup just doesnt have enough umph for the metal i try to play and i wanted to make sure ii wasn't getting in over my head.

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