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Key / Solo question...... Part 2

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9 May 2009 13:35 | Quote
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Question 2.....

As I said in part 1 I am playing Bm, Bm, G, A. But at the time if the solo there will be no backing. The solo will be kind of used as a guitar only into into the song.

Assuming the answer to part one is I am playing in the key of G. While in the solo intro should I just play a B Phrygian until the first measure of the Bm comes into play? Or should I keep the pattern of B Phrygian, B Phrygian, G Ionian, A Dorian for the entire solo??

Any answer would help! Thanks!

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Well you arent playing G major. Because in G major you would play Am not Amaj. You could play: D Ionian, E Dorian, F# Phrygian, G Lydian, A Mixolydian, B Aeolian or C# Locrian. But of course play whatever sounds good to you.
10 May 2009 09:58 | Quote
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If we could tell you exactly what to play for your solo, then it wouldn't be that interesting, would it?

Experiment, see what sounds good. Sometimes going through the modes to solo is a good idea, other times you can keep some kind of repeating or droning note to keep it going.

Just play around.
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Thing that helps me is a scale chart with chords that can be used noted on it too..... for that key.. so i can use it at a glance.. after a little time it just comes to you a little more..

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