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Smokin Les Pauls Rock!

Band Promotion
28 Apr 2009 04:14 | Quote
Joined: 28 Apr 2009
Check out Chasing Layne if your like your rock live and raw! www.myspace.com/chasinglayne Blazing licks and thick Marshall sounds, with a drummer that can't be touched! Lead Guitarist could duel it out with Zakk Wylde and drummer could battle Shannon Larkin anyday!
29 Apr 2009 13:34 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Listened to it, I'll hand it to you - you've got some really good material and great recordings. BUT, I don't think your drummer is as good as you say he is; his pedal work is not completely down yet so more practice required methinks.

Keep it up!

29 Apr 2009 14:01 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Sounds great! I particularly like the 'Gone' and 'Away.' The guitaring sounds awesome, and I personally liked the drums. Although then again I don't ewally know a thing about them either. But I still think they sound great! I must say your vocals sound very rock, everything about your music does. Great work!

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