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great low priced fender tube amp

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22 Apr 2009 23:45 | Quote
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so i have about 4 pieces of gear i need to add to my studio immediately and low on my list of NEEDS is a new guitar amp I would like a recommendation of a good fender tube amp good for all styles for around 300 used. It does not have to be amazing just something i can use for 6 months or so that sounds better then my roland 30x cube amp... my friend just took his nice fender amp back and the difference is killing me. Thanks

22 Apr 2009 23:47 | Quote
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I also want to add that I am in an apartment so size does matter. thanks
23 Apr 2009 08:53 | Quote
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I use a fender hot rod deluxe and I love it. I think they go for about $350-$500 used ($800-$875 new).

26 Apr 2009 17:34 | Quote
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thats all i have to offer

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