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14 Apr 2009 22:37 | Quote
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Ok so i got around to uploading some vids of me just improvising on my guitar. I know parts of the videos are horrible, but there are some parts i like, and i was pleasently suprised in the sound quality considering i was only using a digital camera. Let me know what you think, what parts you like, and any suggestions. Videos were taken about a montha ago, and the tuning is drop D for all videos.


(other videos are still being processed i will add them when they finish)
15 Apr 2009 00:27 | Quote
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Not bad dude...keep truckin'!
15 Apr 2009 07:36 | Quote
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Ok heres thje other vids now that their finaly done uploading.


15 Apr 2009 14:10 | Quote
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i added u, im Meningitismetal. check out my few stuff thats on there

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