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Minor Power Chords??

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30 Oct 2006 02:59 | Quote
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can u get minor power chords if u can how do u play them????
30 Oct 2006 05:00 | Quote
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Power chords are really weird because musically they are completely ambiguous. They are also called 5th chords, because they are comprised only of a root, the fifth above that, and then the octave (3 notes altogether.) In order to distinguish if a triad chord is minor or major it must have the third - major third or minor third; and power chords do not have any third. If you use the jam machine on here, put in a power chord on repeat, then try playing both a major and any minor scale over it (starting on the root of the power chord, obviously!). You will find that both scales fit equally well over it. So, to answer your question, no you can't get minor power chords, because there must be a third present, making a different chord altogether! Sorry for rambling, hope this helps!
18 Dec 2006 07:48 | Quote
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Afro_Raven totally agree with you. Also power chords can be used against any scale if my memory serves me right. The power chord is created from both major and minor scales. Taking either scale, the power chord is constructed by combining the root and the 5th notes. The sound of the power chord creates a hollow sound more suited for Metal. That is and is my best way of explaining the Power chords. Hope that you find this useful. Sorry about my English but I am learning this also. lol By. the way No such thing as a minor power chord never has been and never will.
19 Dec 2006 14:15 | Quote
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If, however, you really just want a minor chord that is easy to move up and down the neck; try doing the lower four strings of common minor barre chords.

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