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Street Gigs

13 Feb 2009 18:04 | Quote
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United States
I live in Milwaukee and we have A LOT of summer music festivals. I always see people outside of the venues playing guitar with their case open to collect money. Is there anyone that has done or is currently doing this. I wanna give it a shot. I was just wondering if you need a permit to do so or if it varies. Also, is there a "code" amongst street performers to not encroach on someones territory?
13 Feb 2009 18:29 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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No idea about codes but i know that in some areas you need to have a permit or your't not aloud to perform for money on the street
14 Feb 2009 23:56 | Quote
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in winnipeg, canada you need a permit, not sure about anywhere else
16 Feb 2009 10:55 | Quote
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United States
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I have a friend who is a Beatles maniac. Everytime I'd go over to his house we would learn to play and sing Beatles songs. We took our acoustic guitars to the Santa Monica pier. When we first got there, my friend opened his case and put some dollars and some change inside for people to see. We took requests for 2 or 3 hours. It caught on and we made a little over a hundred bucks!

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