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Hope you like

31 Dec 2008 05:54 | Quote
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You are so lucky if you are starting out playing the guitar today as so much information can be found on the net. Gone of the days of sitting down looking at a music book and sounding nothing like the song, still fun

Whilst on my tour of the web I came across this little download very cool even better its free (unless you want to buy songs to download on to it) and I am posting up a link

What it will do is slow down the music making it just that little bit more easier to play may be its the solo or any other ychnquine.


Hope you like and get something from it. Runs on windows xp I don't know about the rest like vista hence I have not got it

7 Jan 2009 05:15 | Quote
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Guitar Guru works great on vista and I do like the setup but I’m more of a fan of good old Guitar Pro.

Guitar Pro is and was never the easiest or sleekest program to use but as I bet you will agree it’s the best stocked for songs...

You can download it next to anywhere (google: “guitar pro + download”) and sites like http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ have almost any song on tab now...

The newer versions also sound better : ) much the same as Guitar Guru.

It also has the functionality to make your own tabs and to then have your songs in musical notation and in tab version.

My vote is for Guitar Pro, what do you think?

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