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7 strings on a 6 string

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5 Nov 2008 20:06 | Quote
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I was just wondering if I was the only person who, in their constant routine of stringing and re-stringing that you could be compelled to put a pack of 7 strings on a 6 string guitar. Instead of the standard of it being E-A-D-G-B-e it would be B-E-A-D-G-b
You obviously wouldn't be able to get the highest octaves in your leads from a E to e string set but man could you get some low riffs and complex chords from it. Ofcourse this should only be taken into consideration if you have 6 string guitars and no 7 string guitars and hate to go lower in your tuning.
5 Nov 2008 20:28 | Quote
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It could work, but it may put too much tension on the neck... also, the nut may not be wide enough to hold the strings.

Have you tried it?
6 Nov 2008 00:26 | Quote
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i don't know the math of a seven string guitar but dropping the tuning a fourth would make it a baritone thus requiring a different scale length. you would never get the tuning right on a guitar made for standard tuning
6 Nov 2008 05:42 | Quote
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Thats a great idea! I dont play metal but I think you could get some seriously interesting riffs out of that. Ive got a crappy old guitar at home I might give it a go! cheers
6 Nov 2008 11:56 | Quote
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Tuning-wise, if you tuned the G string to an F# then you could still use the same chords as for standard tuning, although barre chords would sound quite mushy though.

As for strings, you could probably get away with using a 6 string set, just a much thicker gauge to handle the downtuning.

I tuned my low E down to an A once, just to see what it was like, and if it was playable. It worked suprisingly well, considering I had a regular set of strings on.
29 Mar 2009 18:35 | Quote
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my first guitar i picked up was a russian 7string guitar, i found it at a garage sale for ten bucks...it was a peice of crap though, the action was about an inch and a half at the 12th fret....talk about beginner guitar...

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