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5 Aug 2006 06:43 | Quote
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hey guys im just wondering if you guys know any BEGINNERS song dat i can play wid my acoustic guitar? and where would i find da lyrics and chords for it?
8 Aug 2006 17:51 | Quote
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United States
play "last days in may" by blue oyster cult. basically its am, g, f, g, repeat. search it up on google
9 Aug 2006 02:30 | Quote
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Any thing By green Day or Blink 182
9 Aug 2006 22:34 | Quote
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United Kingdom
Learn some AC/DC. That's pretty much one riff through the entire song, on any of their songs. I like Long Way to the Top.
19 Aug 2006 21:23 | Quote
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Learn Wish you were here by Pink Floyd.Great song and very easy...heres a great link to a tab http://www.guitaretab.com/p/pink-floyd/24043.html
20 Aug 2006 02:37 | Quote
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yes wish you were here is very nice..

first thing i learned..

also, nowhere man, the beatles. twist n shout, beatles. hard days night, beatles.
21 Aug 2006 03:32 | Quote
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"Green Door" is an OK song pl0us it0's realy easy.
23 Aug 2006 03:01 | Quote
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"You and Me"

its a great song, and easy
28 Aug 2006 22:15 | Quote
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I've been playing 3 months and have learned wish you were here, mama i'm comin home, and blaze of glory. those are pretty easy.
29 Aug 2006 12:55 | Quote
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What kind of music do you like?
30 Aug 2006 00:25 | Quote
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^ yeah thats the most important.

play what you like.

unless youre a fan of bach or beethoven..

then good luck
9 May 2007 10:44 | Quote
United States
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G C Am D easy chords and work for many many songs. Like American Pie, Run around by blues traveler, and Meet Virginia.
9 May 2007 17:48 | Quote
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or any intro of system of a downs new albums like: hypnotize, aerials, chop suey, those are easy
10 May 2007 08:31 | Quote
United States
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If you're into light rock or that lovey dovey stuff learn this chord progression: G Em Am F#dim

Changing the rhythm around will match a staggering number of song from that genre :) lol

Of course, you can find all these chords on this website!

Best of luck.
15 May 2007 22:52 | Quote
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Try not to set you mind on the "I'm just a beginner" mentality because you'll restrict yourself, but instead get the song that you really want to play, the song that makes you feel good inside and try to play it. Playing what you really like will keep it "fun" as oppossed to thinking that it's "work," which can get discouraging. You learn faster when you enjoy doing it.
31 May 2007 06:11 | Quote
United Kingdom
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hi im a begginer and iu suck at guitar i know three nirvana songs but thats it.
31 May 2007 08:09 | Quote
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try playing along with songs, rather than playing the actual song. i started off by just playing the root of each chord, and then worked my way up from there. this was very useful for learning the names of the notes on the lowest strings.

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