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New lyrics

19 Sep 2008 03:26 | Quote
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Well, I'm not looking here for things that`ll last.
I lost the light of day while rollin' on that path.
We all come from the land of a life lived in sin.
It's not where you're from, but where you start again.

I can't stay where I've been.
And all I know is I want to live again.

I want to live again.
All the blood you lost to call me your friend.
I'm done existing in my trend.

I think it's time to make amends.
I think it's time to live life again.

I have the idea and structure of the song/music written down, and in my head. It has an oldschool country/skynyrd feel to it.

I'll be back in Houston on Saturday (I think), so I'll be able to record a concept and post it for you fellers.

Note: I'm gonna write a second verse, but the creative juices have stopped for now. So, I'm just gonna sleep on it, and write the rest later.
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