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Hey guys, I'm going to put some money into my rig. A new speaker and tubes in my amp and a set of 59's on my guitar. What speaker do I need for my 40 watt hot rod? I was looking at this Celestion here but it's a 60 watt speaker and my amp is only 40 watts. will that matter? Also I know ohms play into speaker selection as well. Could someone help me out on what to look for as far as watts and ohms in a speaker for my hot rod deluxe. Also is there a better tube to give a better sound? If so What are they.

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ohms and speakes go into accoutn with hom many speakers you have going on. some speakers have several taps for the ohms and impedance. if you screw this up you can screw up your speakers.

I have no suggestion for the speakers on the hot rod. I know the really old fenders had Jensen speakers. the sought after celestions speakers are green backs but i thnk they are realy pricy.

Personaly I think you should go with the pickus and see what you think then after a while look into speakers.

the gear page might be more helpufll.
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i have used warehouse speakers for years, i have A/Bed them with celestions, same amp/guitar... they seem to breakup a bit later, and not quite as smoothly, (still pretty good though) but until then, they always sound as good, and the veteran 30 is BETTER then celestions vintage 30, at least since they started making them in china. the green beret is as good as the greenback, only with warmer upper range.

and the best part is, they are almost 50 percent less expensive then celestions.

if you're doing blues and stuff, check out their alnico speaker. it's much more expensive, but i can't describe enough how awesome a alnico speaker is for rock and blues, or pretty much anything where you don't need a crystalline clean or a tight, punchy distortion as much as a warm crunch.

the hot rod 1x12 takes a 8 ohm speaker. remember which color wire is on which side, and you'll be fine... just take it out, and pop the new one it, put the wires on the new one.

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