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Future of the music industry...

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18 Aug 2008 10:03 | Quote
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I ran across this article in the Las Vegas Sun site. I loved the first line

"Forget the politics of the music industry. Thatís so 20th century."

I thought that some of you aspirating musicans might find it interesting. His feller has created and posted his music on the web and based on his fan base planned a tour to them.

I've said it before I think major lables are going to become extenct and that if you want this life you have go out and get it. So this is sort of a road map.

18 Aug 2008 10:21 | Quote
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Oh yeah! in these days you can easily make a home studio, which you can do a album all by yourself, you have to do much work, but some cases its good, like his case.

when bands start to use their own gears to product an album and sell them in their websites. When more and more internet users coming constantly and when behaviour changes that they order products from websites rather than "shopping" in stores...its prolly one way that we could get rid of "commercial music"... it never exile anyway, but direction is better.

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