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So Im going to get into Reggae guitar

16 Aug 2008 16:20 | Quote
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I was wondering if any of you have any tips on playing reggae guitar, or know any good reggae guitarists?

Bob Marley is a given, but I want to see all types of reggae guitar
16 Aug 2008 17:43 | Quote
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peter tosh, (used to be in marley's band i think) and marley's son what ever his name is. Also check out some ska music there is a tight relation ship between reggae and ska.
16 Aug 2008 22:42 | Quote
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it's a lot of melodic upstrokes. Use a slow rhythm (about 90 bpm) and try to play a relaxed chord progression with a variant mix of Majors, Minors, and Minor 7ths. Try playing A major, C# Minor, B Minor 7th, and E Major.

The picking I would use in an 8 bar would be ; Down stroke, Up stroke, Down Mute, Up Stroke, Down Mute, Up Stroke, Down stroke, Up Mute. Do that with each chord two measures a piece, until your satisfied with it enough to put a little variance in it. Just keep it relaxed, and focus on your mutes and upstrokes.
17 Aug 2008 19:16 | Quote
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In most standard rock/blues, you find that the strong beats are the first and third beats. In reggae/ska, the stronger beats are 2 and 4, so you put more emphasis (usually by playing louder) on those.

A lot of times, the first and third beats are muted.

So maybe try this little key of C chord progression (play muted strums as quarter notes and the chords as eighth notes):


1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

18 Aug 2008 10:35 | Quote
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well, i like Ron Butler (Israel Vibration)

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