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Going to a Concert Next Month... Need Help!

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13 Aug 2008 03:53 | Quote
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Alright the other day I went to the Box Office and walked in. All I said was "I want two tickets for the OLP concert." Nothing specific. I didn't realize it til tonight but I got adult tickets (remember I am only 13 years old.)

Will they ask you for ID? If they do what do I do then?

Can I still probably get in? (Plus people say I look 16 anyways. And the girl I'm going with looks 16 too.)

There won't be any alcohol or smoking (this is a community type thing.) It's at the local hockey/sports arena (where there are concerts and stuff.)

The tickets are non refundable and non exchangeable.
I don't know if concert laws are different where you guys live but I don't know.

Please help. It would suck to have wasted 80 dollars on the two tickets and not be able to go.
13 Aug 2008 06:00 | Quote
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I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. For some shows they may have adult tickets and reduced price kids tickets, but for this it might just be the full-price adult ticket that is available, so that's what it will say on your ticket.
13 Aug 2008 08:21 | Quote
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ull get in, but if u want good tix wait till either some of the last days or the second they go on sale, i got fking 5th row to a boston concert when i bought the second they wrent on and i got gr8 skynyrd tix especially for msg 5 days b4 it went, ull get in
13 Aug 2008 10:02 | Quote
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You should get in. Most places only have one price (adult), and unless the show is specifically 18+ only, you'll be alright. But some smaller clubs and venues have adult only sections, and they'll ID you if you try to go there, but as long as you sit in the general admission area, you'll be fine.
13 Aug 2008 13:22 | Quote
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I think I will be fine :)
I messaged a guy on Facebook that knows like all the details about the concert and he said I'm good to go.
Thanks guys (I will keep this in mind next concert I go to.)

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