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Song Structure, Flow, Melody, etc.

6 Aug 2008 00:26 | Quote
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Alright so I managed to get one song fully flowing (almost, need to warp the lyrics to fit the chorus melody a bit more) but other than that, I made a decent (but very easy to play song) and it flows pretty well.

But really, how do I do this all the time?
How do you get the sections (Intro to Verse, Verse to Chorus, etc.) to flow into each other nicely and smoothly? Not just talking about lyrically and guitar-wise here, but I mean how do you get the drums to flow into the verse too? Using some fills and fancy crap and whatnot?

I want the lyrics to go nicely with the guitar work in my future songs, I don't know how to get the lyrics to go good with the guitar, and the guitar to the lyrics, any ideas about that?

I feel pretty stupid for asking this but then again, I suck at this stuff, I just play it. Plus this is what AGC is for.

All ideas/tips/suggestions highly appreciated. Thank you! (:
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It's really whatever works for you...and a lot of trial and error. Write and Re-write.

Most of the time I create the rhythm guitar sections first (intro, v, pre-chorus, chorus), then bring lyrics in. After I have those two flowing, I try and figure out leads(which I really suck at) and fit them into the open areas of the song.

I don't play drums or bass so it's hard for me to get them in, but I imagine that it's more of the same. I think that the more instruments you have going, the simpler each part should be so they can compliment each other.

However, when I come up with lyrics first, the whole song forms in my head, then I have to try to figure out how to play it. I have a really hard time with that.
6 Aug 2008 06:47 | Quote
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I usually will have the song finished in my head so I find it pretty easy to start recording it.

When working with the drums it's good to use a fill between the different movements in the song. also add some tension with the bass and guitars too. having the bass drop out for a measure can have huge impact on a song.

The best way to really pull this off is to listen to music and zero in on how other people are doing and let that influence how you do it.
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Ill use drum fills, lots of drum fills. My usual trick is that ill do drum fill to end of say verse and crash to 1st in next verse.

I also sometimes when doin drum tracks, ill imagine a drummer playin it and how drummer hands could move on that. I know its a bit lunatic way, but I weirdly love it and it gives also kicks to composing :D

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