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New amp suggestions and such?

21 Jul 2008 04:50 | Quote
Joined: 21 Jul 2008
Requirments / wants=
- halfstack or 212
- effects loop
- direct out would be nice but not needed

Playing style =
I play lead guitar for a deathmetal band
Somewhat a mix of melodic and technical Deathmetal.
I play a lot with distortion but i also play a lot of clean intros and intermissions and the sort.

Tones i like =
At the gates
Dark Tranquility

I dont have much of a price range though.
I was thinking the Valve king but i didnt think thats high enough gain to suit my needs.
So i might have to go solid state as much as it pains me.
You see i have 300$ of musicians friend cash.
And around 50 of non so i cant go used.

Im selling my amp for 275 or 300 possibly and anoter for 150.
the 150 one is defffinate though.

So 500ish is my price range =\
I know this is terrible but if i sell the 300 too ill have around 800 so i might be able to work that shit out?
21 Jul 2008 04:50 | Quote
Joined: 21 Jul 2008
Oh god sorry about the wrong section =[
21 Jul 2008 05:06 | Quote
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A half stack good for technical metal, but only $800???? Best of luck to you.

The closest thing I can suggest is the Peavey 6505+. With the cab and head it comes to around $1700, about as cheap of a tube amp you can find, and a damn good sounding one at that.

The only other thing I can think of is an Marshall MG half stack, which is about $600 new. But it sounds like complete shit.

The Ibanez Toneblaster series is a really good sounding solid state and is designed for metal... I'm selling mine for about $250 so you could probably find one on ebay or something for around that price.
21 Jul 2008 05:11 | Quote
Joined: 21 Jul 2008
yeah that was my problem =

Its hard to match to my ryhtymns dual rect with my current SS seup which i hate with a fiery passion.
My god i need a good job.

Plus i hear the toneblaster half stack runs pretty cheep...
What do they sell it for all of your dignity or is it just half?
lol but yeah WORST CASE if no jobs open up im gunna have to look into the ibanez
21 Jul 2008 05:29 | Quote
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Dual rects are awesomely loud, I'm putting a down payment on a 90's triple rectifier. You might also want to check out www.craigslist.com and see if anyone is selling a good tube amp in your area.
21 Jul 2008 21:22 | Quote
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I heard the Valveking is good.

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