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New song

17 Jul 2008 10:44 | Quote
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"Then He Smiles".

17 Jul 2008 10:50 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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i like it. very well produced, chorus is better than the verse in my opinion.

verse reminds me of up in the sky by oasis a bit but its still very good.

EDIT: not toooo sure on the vocal harmony at the end but its your song at the end of the day
17 Jul 2008 10:58 | Quote
Joined: 14 Mar 2008
United States
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Yeah, I don't really like the vocal harmony on the outro at all. I thought it was good at first, and after I finished saving everything and uploading the song, I was like, "I hate that".
17 Jul 2008 11:30 | Quote
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The verse gets a little monotonous. I'd suggest adding some more chord changes, so that the verse supports the chorus.
17 Jul 2008 13:16 | Quote
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Sound very good, your voice is nearly hypnotic on that piece. Well I dont know, I didnt found any bad thing about chorus in the end. Song itself is great...again.

I agree that its a bit monotonic, but that is almost good thing, cuz that style is so hypnotic.
17 Jul 2008 17:46 | Quote
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Thanks, man.
17 Jul 2008 18:11 | Quote
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Well I have to say your vocals are getting better as time goes on, which shows you've been working hard at it. good job
21 Jul 2008 23:20 | Quote
Joined: 21 Jul 2008
I think it need few variations. its too long to hear same chord repeated
22 Jul 2008 00:29 | Quote
Joined: 14 Jul 2008
United States
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I like the chorus, but that's a good call on the monotone verses. But it was good enough to listen all the way through and to some of your other samples. Gotta say, I think you are on to something with "Sunshine in Hell"

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