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23 Jun 2008 16:09 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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some of the most recent topics are virginity, drugs , favourite actors and actresses and the ongoing skold saga.

as les paul said recently isnt it about time we started sorting this place out and doing what it is meant to do and helping people to improve on guitar.

might be going too far here but it could be said its beginning to become like ug over here too.

the last question ive seen from a new person was asking about how to put in a whammy bar and the first reply was "Screw it in. Wow."

P.S. do tell me if this is just a crazy meaningless rant :p
23 Jun 2008 16:10 | Quote
Joined: 19 Jan 2008
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no it was getting pretty UG there alot of that was Skolds quick answers without getting any additional information
23 Jun 2008 17:53 | Quote
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You're right, Joe.
We really needa sort this out, and make the site serve its purpose
24 Jun 2008 07:29 | Quote
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Yeah I totally agree.
Thing is, if people don't have any questions that need answering that are specifically to do with guitar, then the only things left are pointless posts like fav. bands, actors, bass or guitar, etc.
Would it simply not be better to have it so that if no-one needs anything answering, then no-one posts until they do, that way the forums stay true to what they were originally intended for!
Who's with me?!

24 Jun 2008 09:30 | Quote
Joined: 25 Jul 2007
United States
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i agree. with afro, keep the crap away from the forums...i also think we need a couple forum moderators. some of the stuff people post is just childish.
24 Jun 2008 09:31 | Quote
Joined: 20 Dec 2007
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I agree.
Even though just last night I made a favorite lyric thread bahaha

I think asking something like "How do I get inspiration?" would be cool though cause it still has to do with guitar

EDIT: Whoa, Me & GS posted at the same time

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