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How do I play like this?

30 Apr 2008 08:54 | Quote
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Is this just arpeggios? I want to be able to pick out of a chord like this. Is there any certain thing I should practice or is it just Knowing what notes sounds good together.
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Yup, it just picking arpeggios with your right hand, while keeping the same chord shape. He occasionally adds extra notes to chords, such as when he adds the sus4 to the D chord. Start off slowly, making sure you always pick a note in the direction of the next note:

d d d u u u d u
E ------0---------|
B --------1-------|
G ----0---------0-|
D --2-------2-----|
A 3-----------3---|
E ----------------|

d is downstroke, u is upstroke. I have included an upstroke at the end so you can repeat the bar.

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