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Easy Soloing

by league

14 Mar 2008
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For Begginers: You may have noticed that some songs have a different chord progression for a solo than for the rest of the song. This allows the soloist to break free from the chord progression. Also a simple riff is a great rhythm substitution when soloing.(e.g)Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth. I will use power chords to demonstrate how a simple chromatic progression can serve as a base for a pentatonic or minor scale solo or riff.

This is the rhythm riff but the power chords can also be used
A5 A#5 A5 A#5

Now lets look at the solo that goes over this riff

Blues Scale

This is a really basic solo and probably as simple as it gets. This song could have a chord progression of A A# E for the rest of the song but this backdrop makes the solo sound darker and faster. I know all the exotic minor scales can make a solo sound cool but when pentatonics are played fast, they can rattle your head(this is a good thing).


Applying Modes

by phdraw

What\'s the best way to go about memorizing/using modes and applicable chords for Major, Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor scales?



Just do it! play them
-back ward and forwards
-with hammer ons then pull off
-tremolo picking
-Dolce, Ponticello, and Natural


A pneumonic I learned in my Music Theory class is I Drink Pop Leave Me ALone (alone as 2 words). And they stand for I-Ionian, D-Dorian, P-Phrygian, L-Lydian, M-Mixolydian, A-Aeolian, L-Locrian. And remember them in that order for transposing into the major scale. For example if you wanted to play in G major, you could lead on B phrygian and remain in key. Or even play in F# Locrian and lead in a G Ionian (major) and will still sound totally exotic. It will make your improvising much better. Also learn the variations. I just learned Phrygian Major and it's my new favorite. Nothing beats Harmonic Minor though.


Another great limerick to memorize the seven major modes (not including Lydian Dominant, Diminished, or Minor) is I Don't Play Licks My Auntie Likes. The first letter of each word stands for one of the seven modes: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian. It really helped me remember the modes.

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