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Music Theory - Grade 2 - Terms and Signs

by JazzMaverick

21 Jun 2009
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Since the main music theory lessons I write are really long, I think writing the terms and signs in separate lessons, for each grade, is a better idea because people can find it easier. Hopefully these will benefit you all as much as it has to me.

If I've missed any for this grade, let me know please! :)

Affrettando ------------> Hurrying (Haiyaku!)
Agitato ----------------> Agitated
Alla -------------------> In the style of
Alla Breve -------------> 2/2 or 4/2 time (mentioned in grade one) also the C with a line through it.
Alla Marcia ------------> In the style of a March
Alla Polacca -----------> In the style of Polonaise (Mayonnaise, lol - jokelang!)
Attacca ----------------> Go on immediately
Calando ----------------> Softer and slower by degrees
Forza ------------------> Force, Power

Speaking of power...

Fuoco ------------------> Fire
Giusto -----------------> Exact, Strict (Tempo Giusto = in strict time)
Largamente -------------> In a broad style
Mesto ------------------> Sad
Mezzo ------------------> Half
Moderato ---------------> At a moderate pace
Morendo ----------------> Dying away
Mosso} -----------------> Motion, Movement
Moto } -----------------> " "
Non --------------------> Not (Allegro non troppo = not too fast)
Seconda volta ----------> Second time
Slargando } ------------> Gradually Slower
Slentando } ------------> " "
Smorzando --------------> Dying away (same as Morendo)
Sostenuto --------------> Sustained
Spirito ----------------> Spirit, life, energy
Spiritoso --------------> Lively, animated
Strepitoso -------------> Noisy, boisterous
Tacet ------------------> Silent
Volti subito } ---------> Turn the page quickly
V.S. -------------------> " " " "

I'm pretty sure that's all there is for the rest of the grades, up until grade 7. Then there's A LOT to learn. So hope you have a good memory!


Also, check out my music listed on Sound Cloud (link below) if you like it follow me on facebook! :)

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oh man this is some tough stuff to memorize.
Affrettando....i like mine with a little parmesan cheese!
Love the audio file!
Thanks jazzy!




sounds like italian food.

I'll have a Allegro non troppo with a little bit of Slargando sauce please.

thanks for the lesson though!


Staccato: staggering, explosive and powerful.

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