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Ancient Chinese Secret! (hand exercises)

by future_god_of_the_axe

2 Dec 2008
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Heres a great guitar secret that i discovered while in San Fransisco. I was in chinatown and they were selling "therapeutic Balls" what they were were two balls that you roll in your hand clockwise and counter-clockwise. i was reading the box and it sais that doing this exercises EVERY muscle in your hands. so it got me thinking. i went home and tried it with two golf balls on both of my hands. to my amazment: my trills, tapping and overall skill improved ALOT for my left hand. and twirling the balls on my right hand improved my finger picking, picking, strumming and over all skill. i know it sounds **** (to twirl balls in your hand) but you should try it.

If you do, any size ball will do as long as its around the size of a golfball. Spin the balls both clockwise and counter-clockwise on each hand for about 30 minutes each. Do this consistantly, and i guarrantee you will improve.

-Zach A.K.A future_god_of_the_axe



Yeah, I've got them and have used them for years. It's good for your health, too. As it gets the blood flowing round and ensures the oxygen is flowing properly through the body.

Beginners should start with light ones, then buy heavier ones as times goes on.


do i use both balls at once and do i spin em by movin my hands and if so how do i move them?


how exactly do you spin them? could you make/find a video of how to do it right?


hah! i do this when i holding to golf balls! i play golf a lot, and i find lots of golf balls, eventrually i start to spin them, it really helps. just spin them in circles in your hands even.


hey i had an old pair of chinese balls lying around, now I have a use for them. I cant believe i didnt think of this earlier


Use your fingers to move them around. kind of like how you would while tapping your fingers on the table. So do it ina motion, not all at once.


Ha, I thought I was the only one who owned those things. Mine have "magical" powers! And, by the way, they DO help to limber up the fingers! Thanks for reminding me.


sounds sweet.. ill do it at least till i can play again

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