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Melodic Minor

by JazzMaverick

23 Nov 2008
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For those who don't know the Major Scale, don't attempt to look at this lesson, it'll be way over your head.

The Melodic Minor is favoured in Jazz, and it's fairly complicated to those who haven't yet understood the major scale. Because the two relate, due to similar modal shapes, names and intervals.

Sorry if it's difficult to see. This should hopefully help you, and I needn't explain the basics as I'm sure you'd know them due to understanding the major scale.

The best advice I can give to you is to start transcribing songs with this scale.


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I don't know a thing about he major scale however i found this lesson to be very helpful and it only really demanded the small amount of music theory i know to understand


Sorry jazz but your work is hard to read for me.


Nullnaught, what can't you read?


For example Mode 5 string B.


Ok, I'll work on making it neater, but you know it's on that fret and that string - which is where your learning comes in; and you figure out what the note is... eventually you should try and learn all the notes on the guitar as this will greatly benefit your playing. =)

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