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Practice With A Metronome

by JazzMaverick

20 Oct 2008
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I thought I'd fill you guys in on another technique which I use and has helped me improve immensely when it comes to reading music.

Some of you may think this is really boring, when in actual fact, this is probably the fastest and easiest way you can learn.

So what I mean when I say do this to a metronome. I'd like to think you know the notes on the stave. Doesn't matter if it takes you ages, just as long as you know them...

To start off, it's like what you would do while playing the guitar, practice to a metronome at the best speed you can.

Don't rush ahead! Make sure you're not straining yourself to read ahead.

So start at a dead easy tempo and start reading the notes of whatever notated score you want, just so you can understand what's going on, though it'd be helpful to understand the note values on top of knowing what note is what.

The key is to make sure you're actually READING the notes on the stave (staff).

Here are a few examples of different time signatures you can have in music -

Note, these are all the same tempo; 120 BPM (beats per minute).

Even though I've put four notes in here, you only need to count 2 beats, so it's: 1, 2, 1, 2 (and so on)

Please note that if this doesn't make sense to you then definitely have a look at my lesson:

Music Theory - Grade 1

Where I explain in detail what this means. It may seem confusing and complicated to begin with - but I can't explain to you just HOW IMPORTANT reading notation is as well as understanding time signatures - knowing time signatures is mandatory in order to become a successful musician, not kidding!

So start at the slowest tempo, and until you find it easy, don't move ahead! :D


Also, check out my music listed on Sound Cloud (link below) if you like it follow me on facebook! :)

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agreed. very boring :D

to give it less boring, get a way to get easy drum track looping and do above.

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