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25 Jan 2008 11:47 | Quote
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Okay I don't know a whole lot about the genre so,
What is it ? Isn't it like a mix of like Reggae and Rock ?
Dumb question but how to you pronounce it ? Skeh ?

If it is a mix of Reggae and Rock, illScarlett sounds like that in smoe of their songs, but they are really awesome.
26 Jan 2008 08:47 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Original ska actually came before reggae. The story goes that after the 2nd World War, people in Jamaica were able to buy radios and they could pick up the blues and jazz coming from New Orleans. Gradually, the American music scene changed towards rock n roll, and so the Jamaican's tried to make their own version of the blues and jazz, although because the radio signals were quite poor and choppy, the Jamaican's included an offbeat rhythm in their own songs. Ska gradually slowed down in the 70s to create reggae. In the late 70s ska was mixed with punk in the UK to make the two-tone/second wave scene. In the mid 90s, it was mixed with punk in the USA and that became the 3rd wave/ska-punk/ska core genre. Ska is pronounced like "Scar".

I haven't heard illScarlett but from what I've read about them, they look like they would sound like Sublime. Check them out, they were awesome! Good mixture of ska, punk, reggae and dub.

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