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hello, i play the guitar for 4 years by now, all i do is try to cover some parts and solos i like, i like progressive metal/melodic shredding and fusion stuff..

yet i cant jam, never learned any theory before (started though) never played chords..

i want to be able to produce solos and master the neck .... and be able to jam with great technique... i dont know where to start or what to do!
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Start with Major and Minor scales. Now, I want you to do a little research for yourself too, thats because you realize the whole thing that way. but lets start...

Lets take for A minor for key.
http://www.guitarmaps.com/images/guitar-maps-a-minor_002.jpg Now, all the now if you look scale tools or google scales you see a figures of notes in neck looking too hard to remember right, not even want to go for it right? ;)


there you see minor pentatonic scale and its positions. Now keep in mind, that these figures are same, no matter what key is it, E minor, C Minor, D, Minor... you just move whole figures to start from position 1 root note in neck.

Now learn position 1 , 3 and 5. those three figures are not too hard to remember right? :)

postions 2 and 4 not need to remember, because position 2 is half of pos 1 and pos 3, if you look it carefully you notice that. same for pos. 4 is half of position 3 and 5.

when you use this remembering technique, in fret 12 it start again, so with this technique, you can play minor scale all on neck with remembering just three figures.

Same thing apply for all scales.

now you need guitar in tune (use tuner) pick a backing track from youtube or something and let it rock, lowest string position 1 first note is where you start those figures.

Hope this helps.

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After that, when you are learned to play minor and major scales all over to neck. then lets do a little theory. Allmighty, one and only... the circle of fifths.


this thing never stops to amaze me, still found new things from it.. but lets hit for basics....

now lets think that our song is in Key of C major.

when we look there we see that ahha, there is A minor under the C major.

If you google or something, youll find out that... C major and A minor have exact same notes. Sooooo you can play either way in either way xD, if ya know what I mean, you can play both A minor and C major scale for both A minor or C major key songs and they most of the time works perfectly.

Now you start to see possibilities?

lets not take too much for the start, think about these :) And happy jamming!!!, once you get on to it, you never want to stop, i can quarantee that ;)


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