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pxm - "Blues 2017."

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17 Jan 2017 03:30 | Quote
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"LADY 2017."


Plinka wrote the lyrics ang sang two tracks.
Turned out as a really good blues, a little bit jazzy.

Pls, leave a comment and let me know how U liked the tune.

I follow a lady that walks by her own.
Her log and her pics tell she wanna be alone.
Her dresses and makeups are always updated.
Admiring likers and comments, as waited.
She seems like the strongest and happiest girl.
It seems like whatever she does, it works!
At least she inspires me in some ways,
But also I feel like a looser some days.

I follow this lady that travels alone.
Wherever she's landed she seems to be home.
The most imortant thing she carries in her bag
is appearantly that lipstick that always is red.
She looks like the strongest, and glamorous girl.
Her status tells whatever she does, it works!
At least she inspires me in some ways
But also I feel so boring some days.
27 May 2017 11:36 | Quote
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cool track man, thanks for sharing

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