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3 Jan 2017 16:47 | Quote
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Hello, I am J.R.M.30 and I'm a recovering gear-snob. I no longer venture to the major brand's forum, as there are plenty of enticing, glossy and golden-aura photographs. I guess I'm partly to blame for the electric guitar not progressing as it should be. Heck, they should have more outstanding cordless rigs used by many professionals by now! Instead technology is still, pretty much, in the 1950's. Shame on me for buying music that is recorded using such archaic tools. Shame on me for peeping in on those Rig Rundowns. Finally, shame on me for attending a concert, (the headliner and second-billing will remain anonymous), further hemorrhaging money for a thankless cause. So, together we must defeat this addiction and make the world a better place for it!
4 Jan 2017 03:27 | Quote
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here's the one way avoid all the major brands ;)
others are possible as well...

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