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I know there already have been threads out there like, "What's the best place to get a guitar at"? The place that most people will go to is the local music store, or a major retail giant. There are some that will go to pawn shop or consignment store. Flea markets are another possible place to find a guitar. Heck, some even invade that there internet for a geetar. I've found that getting a guitar strait from a musician or guitar teacher is the best way! With retail there are salespeople that will find you a great guitar for the, "Best bang for your buck" but a lot of times it will be a subsidiary model of a lot more expensive model. I've found that the more expensive guitars are not always better or more playable or more durable. If you try to pick out the guitar on you own, you'll probably spend a lot of time playing duds or guitars that simply aren't for you. So I turn and say to you, "Chew on that"!
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I would say it depends. If you know guitars, then there is not issue going to a pawn shop, 2nd hand store, or local music store.

If you don't know guitars then your best to buy from someone you trust, make sure the price is right and your not getting ripped off. some teachers and other musicians think that their old axe is worth more now that they have shredded on it for a while, this is not true.

I would say money wise, a used guitar is worth about 1/2 of new price. There are some exceptions.

My advice would be when you are buying a new guitar or equipment, find someone who knows guitars and drag them with you. their advice will be priceless. Most of the time they will be happy to help.

If you are just 'shopping around' or visiting some stores and noodling around it's fine to go alone, but when you find something you like, rely on a buddy to help.

also do not buy on looks alone, use the web, internet, or even a review site to see what others think about your potential new axe.

I know guitars more than i know how to play them.

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