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Pitch Transposing, Not Pitch Shfting

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3 Jan 2017 02:07 | Quote
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I was wondering if there is a pitch transposing device, other than the rare MXR M-129 Pitch Transposer. I'm not looking for pitch shifting, in which a pitch is lowered than returns to the original pitch. I'm not looking for a harmonizing pedal. I'm looking for a device that will take the signal of the guitar and change a fixed pitch to another fixed pitch. For example, Nashville Tuning; which takes the last four strings; G-D-A-E and raises them an octave. The first two strings; B-E are tuned normally.
3 Jan 2017 14:52 | Quote
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I'm pretty positive that this is likely not passive. effects only effect the in-bounding sound. You maybe able to achieve this though an ocotive box but, you will need to turn it off an on, or you need to tune your guitar manually during the desired effect. a pitch shifting device is going to shift the pitch of all the notes/strings, not just the B string. some Gibson have an auto tuner now-days. might be worth looking at. Then have a look a the fender B bender also.
3 Jan 2017 16:11 | Quote
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Okay, it's not a passive effect, thank you! I also say no to octave pedals, auto-tuner and Fender B-Bender. Maybe it's just as well, as a true pitch transposing device would make it easier for the lazy, untalented musician to sing/play off key!

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