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Ten word cover

Band Promotion
7 May 2015 02:14 | Quote
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Ten words

Improvise rock

Thanks for watching.
12 May 2015 01:48 | Quote
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Nice playing dude, what is the backing track in rock improvise? You should try to give your lead an edge with using the double stop technique from rhythm playing techniques to mix your shredding leads.

your skill with the shredding and tapping is very good and you know your scales so I dont think you can, how I say make your lead playing better from that without adding something else to it.

Using two notes at same time give your lead nice screaming and ferocity that makes rock leads way more interesting, Jimi and Stevie used them much. Try it. I leave instruction videos and a stuff aside, because im sure you know what Im talking about :)

You did an Joe Satriani cover there so Im pretty sure you know the dude quite well :P, check his style when he play and you notice that very difference to many other quitarists for just the thing, that he uses MUCH rhythm techniques to mix shredding leads.

Cheers man and keep rockin
16 Dec 2016 06:59 | Quote
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Nice user name, by the way!

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