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My setup- experimental music.

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30 Oct 2012 02:01 | Quote
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I just spent a few hours working out my new setup and then going to get the additional pieces. There are some minor kinks and switchers and mixers and things I have to do that I wont tire you with but this is my basic setup for my experimental noise/drone/ambient project. I have been playing at galleries and museums and just felt the need to really expand on what I am doing.

Here goes! (all dd-7's are for looping for 3+ second delays

Guitar-------summing box----tuner-----Echodrive delay----DD7-----Carbon copy delay----DD7-------Carbon Copy Delay------ DD7-------Mixer (adds vocal mic synth and miced up drums)----- DD7----DD7----AD9 delay (dry out split to bass amp)-----aquapus delay-----moog phaser-----moog lo-pass----memory boy---- guitar amp

So basically where the mixer is I add drums, more vocals, keys whatever else I want to (with less effects obviously) and basically either build from the first dd-7 forwards or work backwards to create music.

Just felt like sharing.
30 Oct 2012 20:27 | Quote
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Sounds intense,I plan to have a set-up like this to do shows. Not similar pedals,but similar ideas. Coolstuff. I bet its a beach to set up ahah
2 Jan 2013 01:12 | Quote
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I have my guitar plugged into my amp, then from there it's plugged into my computer via auxiliary chord, but I mean I only use it to record, and it's not much but that's what I have (-:

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