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Genre review. Psychobilly. enough Balls to look?

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11 Jul 2012 05:08 | Quote
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Allright, I give this short: When mixing two maybe most attitude pumpped music genres together Rockabilly and Punk... you guess the rest. Its unresistable.

More details : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychobilly

Next is the pioneer of the genre

Remarkable one

- Emp
11 Jul 2012 16:49 | Quote
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psychobilly? great! are you, by any chance, familiar with: Al and the Black cats, The reverend horton heath, social distortion, cheap thrills, and the (early) peter pan speedrock?

here's a little psychobilly from holland ;)

12 Jul 2012 13:38 | Quote
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Social Distortion, hell yeah... I grew up with that and many others, during my "hard times" earlier days, I was pissed off and sick of society ;)... we were quite "outnumbered" compared to other groupings when streets was filled with Elvis'es and Skinheads...:D we got beaten quite often, because we never back down or run.

Those times are past now, but marks are incised deep that are still bleedin', I have huge authority on the problem, but I dont know if its been good or bad for me...maybe both... and Social Distortion was one who cut that mark along with few other foreign Punk Bands and I proudly carry that scar.

at those times, finnish punk was "forming" to way its been known after, it shared much influenced from foreign punk culture, but still had it "own shape" which is hard to describe. It was more way to live than culture or music genre.


btw, I was lucky to see SD live in Helsinki in summmer 2009, and gotta say, even "grown up" It still sounded AWESOME :D

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