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Question regarding Stratocasters

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29 Mar 2012 12:52 | Quote
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I have played acoustic guitar all of my life and now I am thinking of purchasing an electric. Since I don't know a lot about playing with electricity, a Statocaster seems like a safe bet. The reason I feel this way is because SRV, Jimmy Hindrix, Little Feat, Eric Clapton and many many more great guitarist play them. I would like to have something with some bite to it so I have been looking around for a HHS Texas Special. Never played one but it seemed like it would be a good guitar from what I read on Wikipedia. Anyway, I live in Brazil and will probably have to find one on Ebay and have my son store it for me until I return.

Anyway, my question is, I was watching a Little Feat DVD last night. I noticed they lead guitar changed his Statocaster 3 times. Why would he do that? He played slide and regular guitar so it is possible that one of the guitars was in a different tuning but why the third. I am curious because it seems like there are so many Stats and I just want to buy a good one for me. It seems like the best technology for stats is one around the year 2000, noise reduction pickups, have the 5 way switch on tone and so on. Anyway, just looking for some advice and discussion on the issue. I am pretty isolated here. Thanks all.
29 Mar 2012 13:10 | Quote
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Hey Gilcarleton, great to have you here! I love Strats. There are many types of Strats with different hardware, wood, frets and so on. While its easy to buy one online, it's difficult to know exactly what your getting. They all play different. If you can wait til you get back to where you live and actually play one that would be the best case scenario.

To answer your little feat question is the same answer. Different strings, tuning, feel, pickups, etc.

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