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need more guitar time.

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19 Mar 2012 16:37 | Quote
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I havent had much time to play guitar lately, mostly because of work and school. When I get home from work I usually just play ps3.. Im kinda scared im gonna start forgetting theory/scales/chords and stuff. Is it hard to get good again once youve gotten a little rusty?
19 Mar 2012 16:55 | Quote
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naw, I don't think it's very hard (at least for me it wasn't)
I once didn't play for like two or three weeks and I had no problems. only had to do some small memory refreshing. I think playing the guitar is a little like walking or eating, once you learn how to do it you'll never really forget it. not playing for a while could also be good for things like creativity etc..

still.. try to keep playing man (PS3 of course ;)
19 Mar 2012 21:01 | Quote
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I personally don't play that much anymore, but when I come back to it after a while it's kind of new and refreshed. It's all in what you want though dude, if you want to play you'll make time. Don't push yourself into it.
19 Mar 2012 21:03 | Quote
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breaks are good for u so u dont get uninterested

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